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Re: Problem with embedded spaces in path name for --info-script switch in tar

On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 12:43:23PM -0600, Brian Liedtke wrote:
>Using tar-1.15.1-4.
>I am writing a script to create multi-volume archives using tar. However it
>appears that the --info-script switch doesn't handle imbedded spaces in the 
>path name.
>In the sample script below, I have hard-encoded the path to verify that was 
>the problem
>and not with building the variable with the path name.
>export ARCHIVE_DIR=/cygdrive/d
>export ARCHIVE_NAME=full_`date +%y%m%d`
>tar -cv \
>   --ignore-failed-read \
>   --exclude=pagefile.sys \
>   --exclude=*.vsv \
>   -L4096 \
>   -M --info-script="/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/Liedtke/My 
>Documents/Tasks/Backup/" \
># End script
>Output is:
>tar: and: Warning: Cannot stat: No such file or directory.
>tar: Settings/Liedtke/My: Warning: Cannot stat: No such file or directory.
>tar: Documents/Tasks/Backup/ Warning: Cannot stat: No such file 
>or directory
>I've devised a workaround by copying the script to the PWD previous to the 
>tar command and then
>deleting it. But it should work as above, correct?
>I've searched for the problem on the web and found nothing. Am I missing 
>obvious, or is this switch not handling embedded spaces in the path name 
>(Thank you Microsoft.)

"Microsoft" handles spaces in paths just fine.

I don't know why tar isn't in this case but you can work around the problem
by mounting the directory as something else:

mount -f -x -b c:/"Documents and Settings"/Liedtke/"My Documents" /foo

And then refer to "/foo/Tasks/Backup/".

I haven't tested the above and may have a typo but hopefully it is obvious
nonetheless.  If not, then possibly "man mount" would help.


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