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3PP: SUPER/ERightSoft

Presumably somebody from RedHat has already contacted the ERightSoft
folks for illegally distributing cygwin1.dll & cygz.dll without the
source (as part of their SUPER package).

However, they also install those files into /WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 *and*
mark them both SYSTEM and HIDDEN. This may be the cause of some of
the "duplicate cygwin1.dll" errors that have been reported. If you
look in their forum pages, the author basically says "Everybody do
that--you don't like, you don't use". (What he doesn't say is that
uninstalling SUPER leaves your system unable to play many AVI files
since cygwin1.dll isn't the only "system" file that the installer
blindly copies and/or trashes.)

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure why, but SUPER seems to be getting at
least some good press, so this is likely to become more of an issue
in the future. Is there anything that can be done that would really
discourage them? (I suppose a bunch of us could attempt to reason
with them, but the author doesn't seem to be a reasonable person.)


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