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Re: problem after upgrading

Carson Wilcox wrote:
Can anyone shed some light on this. When I upgraded cygwin yesterday, two things that happened was that vim went to version 7.0 and gvim stayed at version 6.4.
Now I'm getting conflicts between the two versions.
Has anyone else had this problem or have a resolution for it. The last time this happened I just reverted back to vim version 6.4 but that no longer appears to be available on the cygwin site.
I've tried building the source but that is giving me issues as well and I just don't have a lot of time right now to dig into it.

Any help would be apprecitated.

This "mismatch" between gvim and vim versions is a known issue. It's being worked on. See the email archives for more details.

vim 6.4-4 is still available on mirrors (or should be).  It's just that setup
can only show you two versions, current and previous, and there are now 2
vim 7 versions.  However, you can still download vim 6.4-4 and install
it from your local directory.

Corinna, do you think it makes sense to set 6.4-4 as the previous version for
the interim so it is easily accessible via setup?

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