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Re: cygwin-developers mailing list opened up a little

Christopher Faylor wrote:
Corinna and I have decided to open up the cygwin-developers list a tad.

So, it is now a pure subscriber-only mailing list similar to the
cygwin-apps or cygwin-patches mailing lists.  No approval is required to
join but you must be a subscriber to send email.  The mailing list
archives are also now no longer password protected.

If you want pure discussion of cygwin internals in a forum uncluttered
by discussions of why cron can't read network shares or how to modify
the cygwin mount table using regedit, this may be the place for you.
See the description at
for more details.

I don't see any reason to limit discussion of development here any more
than it has ever been limited, so please don't take this as a sign that
there should now be "this is off-topic for this mailing list, please
move to cygwin-developers" responses when someone starts discussing
cygwin internals.  With luck, discussions will just gravitate to
cygwin-developers without the need for mailing list police.

One nit pick, cygwin-developers is missing in Mailing list combo box on <>. And the sentence above should probably be removed, too.

Vaclav Haisman

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