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FW: xemacs freezes when latexing a file

-----Original Message-----
From: Yuval Grossman
Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2006 3:49 PM
To: The Cygwin ML
Subject: xemacs freezes when latexing a file


I am running xemacs (21.4.19) under cygwin/X ( When I am in
latex mode and I latex my file (C-c C-f) sometimes xemacs freezes. That
is, I cannot edit the buffer, the cursor does not move, and I
cannot close the window. All I could do is just to kill it. I can,
however, minimize the window or move it around.  Xemacs does not
always hang, and I am unable to be able to predict when it will
fail. All I can tell is that if it works well the first time, it does
not fail later. That is, all the times it does fail it is in the first
time I try to latex my file. I also tried to run other shell commands
from inside xemacs (that is, with M-!), but they always work without a

I look in the cygwin mail archive, and found that a similar problem
(not with latex, however) were discussed in 2002. The latest one I
found was
but it is not clear to my how the problem was solved. Any ideas how
this problem can be fixed? Presumably, I just missed the post with the

Thanks for any tips.


This is a Cygwin/X problem.  Please discuss this on that mailing list


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