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Re: Which list should cygwin development be discussed on ?

On Sat, Jul 01, 2006 at 03:42:00PM -0400, Joe Smith wrote:
>"Christopher Faylor" <> wrote in 
>>On Fri, Jun 30, 2006 at 01:48:14AM +0100, Darryl Miles wrote:
>>>Is my more technical discussion better put onto the cygwin-patches list
>>No.  The mailing list descriptions really are accurate.  If you don't
>>have a patch, then you shouldn't be sending email to cygwin-patches.
>Most cygwin development discussion occurs on the main list or on 

Discussion of cygwin DLL development is not handled in cygwin-apps.  It
is mainly discussed on irc between Corinna and me.  If someone reports a
problem porting an application in cygwin-apps then it is possible that
Corinna or I might make a change but that is true of any mailing list
which Corinna or I read.

There is a miniscule amount of traffic in the cygwin list about
development and even less traffic in the pretty-much-defunct
cygwin-developers list.

>Basically The general rule for cygwin apps appears to be that the first
>messgage in a thread has to be about creation of new packages, or
>discussions about packaging policy.  (Also requests for uploads go to
>that list).  Then the disussion can drift a little to more general
>cygwin development, but should still be in the context of a specific

No.  The description in the mailing list is correct.  If there is an
occasional query about cygwin internals it is not a very frequent
occurrence in cygwin-apps.

>Also, discussion of the development of setup.exe usually takes place on 
>cygwin-apps, because that is the designated list for discussing bugs in 

The description at really is up-to-date.
There is no need to second guess it.


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