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Re: Which list should cygwin development be discussed on ?

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According to on 7/1/2006 2:28 PM:
> And of course the discussion and methodology behind the internal
> development of the cygwin libraries, issues, and future ideas is
> - in true opensource form (NOT) - on a completely closed list,
> invite-only, with no public access to any form of archives.

And how is that any worse than bash?  At least cygwin's source repository
is openly available, and you can track all commits (and provide patches or
commentary if you disagree with a commit).  With bash, the upstream
maintainer does not grant public access to his version control system, so
the only time you can see changes are when he makes his infrequent
releases, which leaves very little room for feedback into the process.

> What exactly is the positive purpose behind that?

Search the main cygwin list archives for the announcement when the
cygwin-devel list was closed off, for the reasons behind that decision.
Personally, I am not on the cygwin-devel list, and yet I have never felt
left out on development decisions - the core developers are good enough
about mentioning their patches and responding to ideas presented on the
main list.

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