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Re: /usr/bin/getopt executable, which package is it in ?

On Sat, 1 Jul 2006, Darryl Miles wrote:

> CVS cygwin build of winsup module uses xmlto that uses getopt executable.
> Bash has a builtin implementation of getopt.  But the 'xmlto' tool which is
> used to build CYGWIN winsup module is expecting to be able to run an
> application version of getopt.  There does not appear to be a package called
> 'getopt' so maybe this tool is hidden away inside another CYGWIN package.
> Does anyone know what package that is called, maybe the website CVS build
> instructions can be updated to include that pre-requisite package.

The Cygwin package search page (<>) knows.  So
does cygcheck (if the file is present on your machine, use "cygcheck -f
/usr/bin/getopt"; if it isn't, use "cygcheck -p "usr/bin/getopt").
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