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Re: rsync over ssh hang issue understood

Darryl Miles wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:
Darryl Miles wrote:
* The outstanding byte count needs to be protected by a mutex.

Are you familiar with the Interlocked* family of functions? Depending on what exactly you need to do with the value, a mutex may be unnecessary.

Do these function perform buslock prefixed increment/add with memory operand. As per Linux kernel /usr/src/linux/include/asm-i386/atomic.h. Its an atomic add operation that would be needed, but I dont think that will be the only thing that will need intra-thread protection. The close() case flag setting might need to be involved too as well as other things, like we need serialization.

Um... probably? Did you try looking at them? There is an InterlockedExchangeAdd (I think that's the right name... anyway, you feed it a pointer and a constant, and you get back the previous value). At any rate, anything Linux can do in assembly, Windows can also do, also in assembly, with it's own __asm keyword. The syntax is a little different, but it's there, and for something as speed-sensitive as I would guess pipes are, this sort of optimization is probably a Good Thing.

Mostly, there is an Interlocked function that will save you from inline assembly of most assembly instructions that accept the 'lock' prefix.

Of course, if it can't be done without a mutex in assembly, then it can't be done without a mutex, and you remain the person (as opposed to me) that knows the answer to that question.

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