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Re: Need help running expect script under CYGWIN...

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, cledford wrote:

> Sorry to all for skewing the index - in the future is should be made
> much more obvious the requirements/process to post a technical question.
> (I posted through the web interface and instructions would be nice)

The instructions are at <> (just a short
click away from the Cygwin home page, with the link named "Problem
Reports" -- I don't know how much more obvious you can get).  You posted
through the web interface at Nabble (which is not associated with Cygwin).
You might want to do some lobbying for them to include a link to the above
instructions.  And while you're at it, please tell them to allow posting
attachments using their web interface.

> For anyone running into this issue - the problem was the default use (by
> CYGWIN) of the windows telnet app.  By downloading and installing the
> suggested / inetutils package (located in the - net category under the
> package installer) CYGWIN then uses its own telnet app instead.

The default use is of whatever telnet app is in the PATH first.  That is
not a problem -- that is expected behavior.  The problem was that you were
missing the inetutils package, as Brian pointed out.  You could've
searched for "bin/telnet\b" on the package search page at
<>, or via "cygcheck -p", to get this
information yourself.
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