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Re: uninstall cygwin

Igor Peshansky wrote:
On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, f g wrote:

I would like to uninstall a Cygwin installation under
Windows XP: to do this I follow the instruction in

You'll also want to delete the registry key, as outlined in the above instructions. Oh, and deleting the directory won't remove any shortcuts created by the Cygwin installation packages (like those in the Start Menu or on the desktop, or the associations created by the "chere" package), so it's better to use setup.exe to uninstall everything first, *then* delete the directory and the registry key.

Just to clarify, Igor's procedure won't remove the chere associations that he mentioned.

If you don't recognise "chere", then you don't have any associations to remove. If someone else set things up for you, run the following command (before uninstalling cygwin) to identify any associations:

chere -l

To remove the associations, run

chere -u -s <shell>

for each shell, where <shell> is the shell you installed (cmd/ash/bash/tcsh/pdksh/zsh). That's from memory (and I don't uninstall that often:), see man chere for accurate information.


chere maintainer.

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