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RE: uninstall cygwin

On 30 June 2006 10:23, f g wrote:

> I would like to uninstall a Cygwin installation under
> Windows XP: to do this I follow the instruction in


> but I have several problems.
> Point 1) I type cygrunsrv -L at Cygwin prompt, but I
> get the message
>  "bash: cygrunsrv: command not found". What does this
> mean? Is it safe to assume that I have non Cygiwn
> services running, and that I can pass to point 2?
> Point 2) What is the X11 server? How do I know if
> there are any Cygwin programs that might be running
> in the background, and in case there are some, how do
> I terminate them?
> If I complete these points, there should be no problem
> with the following ones: basically, I just
> delete Cygwin directory from the hard disk. I didn't
> add Cygwin to system path, neither did I set
> CYGWIN environment variable, so unless the installer
> did it, I shouldn't need to do anything else.

  Nope, if you didn't do it, the installer would not have done either.

  And the same goes for cygwin services and X: if *you* didn't set it up, nor
did anyone else.  You should be able to just go right ahead.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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