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Re: rsync over ssh hang issue understood

On Fri, Jun 30, 2006 at 12:46:50AM +0100, Darryl Miles wrote:
>Darryl Miles wrote:
>>Linux<>CGYWIN where linux is client and pulling data down hangs very 
>>quickly after connection and getting the first large file (> 256Kb) to 
>The problem goes away if the WIN32 side is Win2003.  Its only Win2k 
>which I am seeing problems with.
>I have looked through the directory of src/winsup/cygwin and there is
>already stuff creating threads within the context of for
>"mailslot" support.
>There is already a wake up mechanism in place inside cygwin_select().
>Initially I can drop the idea of an idle list from the design and go
>with a new thread per unwanted blocked IO when the IO is expected to be
>non-blocking by the app.  This is enough to prove the fix.

For the record, I'm not wild about scrapping the existing (but currently
turned off) code in cygwin that is supposed to fix this.  Using the NT
api was supposed to allow us to do what we wanted with no half-measures.
I'd rather see someone finish that, or at least prove that it doesn't
work, before scrapping it and move on to something else.

The idea of using threads for pipe writing has been bounced around for a
long time.  It doesn't solve the select problem if there are multiple
processes writing to one pipe.  That is not a completely unusual event,


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