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Re: Help Understanding Path Issue

Scott Purcell wrote:
I have "CLASSPATHS" and "PATHS" and some "HOME" directories set up. Eg: ANT_HOME value=C:/ant/bin

I assume you meant "CLASSPATH" and "PATH".

When I run ant from a "cmd" window all is good. It picks up the value and runs fine. But I do not want to use the "cmd" prompt, and would like to use cygwin. But when I issue ant I get the dreaded error:
Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly. We cannot execute /cygdrive/c/jdk1.5.0_02/bin/java

I do not want to change all my HOME, PATH, values because some of the system software uses them as they are. Can I get around this? Is there where it makes sense to use a symbolic link?

Nope, symlinks will not help you (or at least, they probably won't).
If the program that looks at a particular environment variable is a Cygwin program, then the var should give a POSIX path. Otherwise it should give a Windows path. You should only have problems switching between the two if you have programs of both flavors looking at the same variable (other than PATH which Cygwin handles automagically).

Example: I assume you are using a non-Cygwin Java (I don't believe I have even heard of a Cygwin JVM, so that seems likely), therefore your JAVAHOME should be a Windows path, regardless of what shell (A cygwin *sh vs. Windows cmd) you are using.

Also see 'man cygpath'.

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