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Help Understanding Path Issue


I have cygwin installed on my XP box, and have been using it for a bit of time. Mostly to compile class files, vi, and the great unix removes, etc.

Anyway, I have had this following problem for a while, and was hoping to get it resolved once and for all.

I have "CLASSPATHS" and "PATHS" and some "HOME" directories set up. Eg: ANT_HOME value=C:/ant/bin
When I run ant from a "cmd" window all is good. It picks up the value and runs fine. But I do not want to use the "cmd" prompt, and would like to use cygwin. But when I issue ant I get the dreaded error:
Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly. We cannot execute /cygdrive/c/jdk1.5.0_02/bin/java

I do not want to change all my HOME, PATH, values because some of the system software uses them as they are. Can I get around this? Is there where it makes sense to use a symbolic link?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Scott K Purcell

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