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Re: ssh and SYSTEM

Igor Peshansky wrote:
On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, L Anderson wrote:

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 04:50:26PM -0400, McGraw, Robert P. wrote:

I am running WinXP SP2

I installed openssh and followed the instructions at on how to install.

Nicholas Fong ( is the person responsible for those instructions.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Perhaps a new Cygwin acronym is in order--something like:

PDPSHFIYR--Please Don't Put Spam Harvester Food In Your Replies.

Or, in other words, PDP-6 (which had a whopping 256 kilowords of main
memory, more than enough to run spam harvester software).

Ah yes, PDP-SEX. Its memory was probably made in the Hong Kong Core Houses.

There is a sort of poetic justice in including that email address in the
message.  Since Mr. Fong's broken instructions on installing ssh caused so
much "spam" to be sent to this list, it's only fair that some will now go
his way...  Also, the lucky ones that do get chastized for using his
directions are set on the right path by the people on this list, but think
of all the hapless souls blissfully unaware of the error of their ways
that continue to run ssh according to those instructions (until something
breaks, that is).

Interesting! Was PDP-SEX used to inject spaminations? I was not aware of Mr. Fong's foibles. The bastard--because of him, they've spammed Lenny! He deserves what he gets!

So am I to conclude Fong's email addy was exposed intentionally?


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