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Re: Problems compiling ImageMagick

Daniela wrote:

> Hi René!
>> Probably you don't have Cygwin's bin directory in PATH (the Windows
>> environment
>> variable not the shell env variable).
> That does not help. :-( I added the value, double checked and booted the
> computer, but these error messages remain.)

First tought: why do you want to compile ImageMagic? is the version distributed
by Cygwin not working?

About the linker messages: can you compile a simple program?  do you have the
required pre-requisites to compile ImageMagic?

I assume you are using a shell (bash probably) in a terminal window (Windows
cmd.exe or rxvt), can you list the required library: "ls -al
/usr/bin/cygbz2-1.dll" (I see a 56K file).

> But it could really be that something in the Windows environment is
> buggy since the errors remained after deleting cygwin.

Deleting Cygwin means you don't have the linker (and compiler) so where could
the errors come from?

Perhaps we have a wrong idea of what you are trying to do.  Could you be more
René Berber

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