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su: incorrect password, or insufficient privileges

I have installed the latest cygwin and under my account it seem to work
fine. I can open the cygwin window and run the unix commands.

The account that I installed under is user = xxxyyy.

When I start the cygwin.bat file it works fine and I go to my home directory

I can "su xxxyyy" without any problems. Shows that su works.

If I try to just "su" I get

"su: incorrect password, or insufficient privileges to change user "

I have search google and several other sites to try and fine what is going

Any ideas.


Robert P. McGraw, Jr.
Manager, Computer System                 EMAIL:
Purdue University                         ROOM: MATH-807
Department of Mathematics                PHONE: (765) 494-6055
150 N. University Street                   FAX: (419) 821-0540
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067            

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