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Re: autossh broken with current openssh/cygwin

> > -N
> > autossh: PID 3204: short poll time: adjusting net timeouts to 2500
> > autossh: PID 3204: checking for grace period, tries = 0
> > autossh: PID 3204: starting ssh (count 1)
> > autossh: PID 3204: ssh child pid is 4160
> > autossh: PID 4160: execing /usr/bin/ssh
> > autossh: PID 3204: check on child 4160
> > autossh: PID 3204: set alarm for 5 secs
> > autossh: PID 3204: timeout on io poll, looping to accept again
> Confirmed.  This has been introduced by trying to get the WinSock event
> driven accept thread-safe.  This apparently doesn't work as expected.
> To get that really right, a lot more has to be done.  Since that's
> nothing I'd like to rip apart before 1.5.20, I reverted all event
> handling for accept and connect and returned to using select again, as
> it was implemented until 1.5.18.

Whew!  Saved my ass on that one...

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