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RE: Fortran Compiler Error CMBFAST

On 27 June 2006 14:41, Williams, Gerald S (Jerry) wrote:

> Billinghurst, David (CALCRTS) wrote:
>> This is not really a cygwin problem.
> I guess you didn't see my post--if the compiler should be
> able to find an include file in the same directory as the
> source file (and/or the current directory, since they are
> the same in this case), then it is a cygwin problem (even
> if it's an upstream problem, the maintainer should report
> the GCC bug and eventually build a new cygwin version).
>> The compiler can't find the file  Perhaps:
>>  - copy the file into the same directory as jlgen.F, or
>>  - point to it with the -I compiler directive
> The first doesn't work. The latter does, but the question
> is whether "-I." should be required or not.

  We *need* to see the actual command line.  Is everyone in this thread aware
of the effects of -I-, the recent (sometime in 3.x series) changes in the way
it behaves?  It needs to be pointed out that adding "-I." doesn't help any if
you aren't building in the source dir but a parallel object dir...

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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