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Help needed: build error on cygwin "Resource temporarily unavailable"

Hello Cygwin Friends,

We have our source files and make file infrastructure shared across
Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms. I am facing some issues under
specific conditions while building on Cygwin.

Our project areas are under "\\minar\dsp_qdsptools_cvsw-hyd" under
which we have our respective workspaces e.g., my workspace is

We use "cl" from Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 for compiling the sources.
The makefile infrastructure also uses an environment variable
SOURCE_ROOT which points to the work space.

Scenario 1: Build fails:

Suppose under windows "\\minar\dsp_qdsptools_cvsw-hyd" is mapped to
Z:, the SOURCE_ROOT is set as "Z:/ganesh". When running the build I am
getting the following error message

/bin/sh: Resource temporarily unavailable

This comes up when the make calls cl for compiling a source.

Scenario 2: Build passes:

If I map my entire work space i.e.
"\\minar\dsp_qdsptools_cvsw-hyd\ganesh" to Z:, the SOURCE_ROOT gets
set as Z:. Under this condition the build goes through successfully.

I am looking for a solution to build my sources under scenario 1. I
tried googling for a solution and tried suggested solutions like
getting the latest version of Cygwin, using cl command files, trying
to map the "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\bin" to a
cygwin type directory, but without much success.

Any help in this regard would be heartily welcomed. Thanks and have a good day……

Best regards,

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