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mv: permission denied - bug


I run some linux scripts I used from time to time now under cygwin,
So I found a problem that has never been appeared under Linux.

The scripts I use are included. is the script that will be started by the user.
It will first update some repositories and then run "finds" over them to
Compress subversion/cvs keywords within ascii files.
After this diff will be run.

The problem is now that some (of thousands) files will produce the following error message:

Mv: cannot create regular file '/filename/': Permission denied

Interesting now is that the mentioned file has been removed!

So what I am assuming is, that during the mv the destination file has been removed, but then mv can not move over the temporary file created by sed - for unknown reasons.
So it might be a timing problem, or that sed has not closed the temp file correctly.
The subversion thing is not required - also the diff could be removed from the file. For testing you need a larger number of files.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / With Kind Regards

Dipl.-Inform. Kai Hofmann

inconso AG
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61231 Bad Nauheim

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