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Re: Where to get cygwin gcc 3.3.3 source

PLEASE do not reply to me personally.  Keep all replies to the list.

John Neil wrote:

> Hmmm... so there is no special "Cygwin" version of the gcc 3.3.3 source?
> I tried compiling the GNU gcc 3.3.3 source once and got different
> behavior with compiled apps than the installed Cygwin 3.3.3 binary.

Yes, of course there is, and that is exactly what I was trying to tell
you.  Look on any *Cygwin* mirror site and you'll find the gcc source
packages, which include all the Cygwin-local patches.  Note that the
filenames I quoted are "gcc-core-3.3.3-3-src.tar.bz2" and not
"gcc-core-3.3.3.tar.gz".  The former is the Cygwin source package name,
the latter is the upstream source tarball.

> My Cygwin mirror seems to have gcc 3.3.3 off by itself in a releases
> folder:
> Whereas all other releases are located at:

You're looking at a GNU mirror site, not a Cygwin mirror site.  Those
are upstream, stock FSF releases of gcc. mirrors
many projects and you're looking at the wrong one.  You want:  


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