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rsync thinking a local transfer is "remote"

I've got a weird situation with rsync.   I'm trying to
transfer some files from a network share mounted as "B:\".

I'm copying the files to corresponding locations under C:\.

I've done many transfers from B->C, entire directories, but now
In a particular instance, rsync tries to transfer via the network.

I'm using the same syntax as before and have tried some variations
but am still seeing this odd behavior.

Commands I've tried include:
rsync -av /b/windows/Resources/* /c/WINDOWS/Resources/
rsync -v -a /b/Windows/Resources/Icons /Windows/Resources/
rsync -v -a /b/Windows/Resources/Icons/Home.ico /Windows/Resources/Icons/

(and with CWD=source dir)
rsync -va * /c/WINDOWS/Resources/
rsync -v -v -v -a Icons /c/WINDOWS/Resources/
rsync -v -v -v -a Icons /WINDOWS/Resources/
Each of the above attempted to open port 2201 for output (which
I denied). And each failed with:
rsync: pipe: Connection refused (111)
rsync error: error in IPC code (code 14) at
I finally used:

cp -a Icons /Windows/Resources/

which works, but doesn't say much for "rsync" other than "it is

Are there any outstanding or known issues where "rsync" gets confused
and tries to do a networked copy when both the source and target are
locally mounted "disks"?


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