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Re: Latest Cygwin Release 5 month old...

On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 02:31:38PM -0600, Warren Young wrote:
>Linda Walsh wrote:
>>Really?  a 6 y/o, 800MHz Celeron w/512M, & 4MB video taken out of main
>>memory?  You have alot more patience than me.
>That's well over VMWare's recommended minimum configuration.  I'm
>pretty sure the first machine I used VMware on was in roughly that same
>class.  I was using Linux as a host for it, which helped, though.
>The way I look at it, you can continue to write complaint messages to
>the Cygwin mailing list, or you can spend some time waiting for VMware
>to grind through some tests.  You're going to spend some time either
>way.  Which seems a more sensible use of your time?


This is generally obvious advice which goes beyond "vmware".  This
concept can also be applied to the people who send email trying to
figure out the fastest way to download cygwin because they have a slow
internet connection or people who ask where to find things in source
code and then wait two days for a reply...

In any event, maybe we can stop talking about this now?  Warren, I
appreciate your creative solution to this "problem" and hope you have
provided some fuel for thought for some people who may now be thinking
about testing snapshots.  However, I think it's pretty obvious that
we've gone beyond the point where further discussion is relevant to


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