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Suggestion: split vim support files into separate package

I want to suggest splitting vim support files (installed in
/usr/share/vim/vim<major-version>) into a separate package from the
binaries.  There are two versions of vim binaries in Cygwin, the no-X
version (vim), and the version with X GUI compiled in (gvim), but their
(major) versions are not always in sync (as recent posts on this list
illustrated).  The problem is that if you install the newer version in
the most obvious way, the support files for the older version get
deleted, and all of a sudden the older version which you're still using
doesn't function properly.  (For example, at the moment, installing the
latest no-X vim in Cygwin, at version 7.0, deletes the support files for
the latest version of gvim in Cygwin, at version 6.4.)

Of course there are various ways to work around this problem without too
much trouble, but why not just make the support files a separate package
with dependencies linking both versions of the binaries to it.  That
way, I assume, the older support files wouldn't go away if something
still depends on them.


Cygwin is great!


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