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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: email-2.5.0-1

Version 2.5.0-1 of email has been uploaded.

Email is a simple command-line program to send emails. It can be configured
to use either your sendmail installation or directly via SMTP.
It supports binary attachments, and a simple text based address book, with groups.
Also, if GnuPG is installed, it can digitally sign and encrypt outgoing emails.


    - Separated e-mail name and address and only format them in the
      headers.  Only use address surrounded by <> as per RFC 822 for
      the MAIL FROM: and RCPT TO: SMTP commands.

    - Added Dstring library which is a string library to growing

    - Using Dstring's for reading in config file and address book.
      This fixes the MINBUF limitations that were happening with
      very long Groups in the address book.

    - Added ability to specify new headers on the command line.

    - Handle \r in address book so that Cygwin users don't have to
      put a comment at the end of their lines.

    - the --attach and --header option can be specified multiple
      times and also have multiple entries with comma delimeters.

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