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Re: g++ 4.1?

Buster wrote:

> I would love to know how. I've tried a few times, but -4.1.0 has
> trouble with configuration on Cygwin (something about inconsistent use
> of the '.exe' extension if I recall) and fails on 'make install',
> whereas with -4.1.1 I only get as far as the strange [[Assembler
> messages]] quoted at the bottom of this here message. GNU has no
> reports of successful builds of gcc4 on Cygwin. I suppose it's GNU I
> should be asking about it. Can I get a WJFFM?

WJFFM.  <>  I
have never experienced either of the issues you mentioned.  The
"successful reports" thing is completely bogus.  Just look in the
testresults archive, you'll see plenty of people build and test gcc 4
under Cygwin regularly.

> [[Assembler messages]] follow; steps to reproduce: download gcc-core
> and gcc-g++ from the gcc-4.1.1 release. Decompress. Build in a
> separate directory using '.../configure --disable-nls
> --enable-__cxa-atexit && make profiledbootstrap'. (Yes, I did forget
> the --program-suffix.)

--enable-__cxa-atexit is definitely incorrect.  That's only for C
libraries that support it, such as glibc.  Cygwin is certainly not one. 
I also would not bother with profiledbootstrap, it would not surprise me
at all to hear that it is broken on non-primary targets.


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