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Re: Pb with bash script under cygwin

On Thu, 22 Jun 2006, ydubost wrote:

> Hello,
> Thank you for all your suggestions.
> I have finally managed to do what I wanted.
> There was several reasons:
>    1) the different -name options of find have to be enclosed in protected
>       bracket \( ... \)
>    3) the need to use the eval function
>    2) in a script, one need to protect the different special characters from
>       being interpreted before the final command. For exemple, I have to
>       write \\\( in order to obtain \(.

I suspect that learning about single vs. double quoting, and bash arrays,
would have saved you a lot of grief.

> The problem, is that I don't really understand what happens, why I nedd to
> put 3\ and not 2 or 4, but the main point is that it now works.

The paired-up backslashes produce one escaped backslash.  The last one
escapes the parenthesis.

>  my new script is :
> TYPELIST="._bc ._ch ._cl ._cm ._df ._dl ._ev ._fl ._gr ._hl ._is ._mb ._mm
> ._mp ._ov ._pr ._sn ._sy ._ti ._tr ._sf"
> Extension=$(echo ${TYPELIST} | sed -e"s:[ ][.]:' -delete \\\) -o \\\( -iname '*.:g" | sed -e"s:^[.]:\\\( -iname '*.:" | sed -e"s:$:' -delete \\\):")

Oh, and learning about sed would help too.  In particular, you can do all
of the above in one expression.  Incidentally, you can also do this all in
bash, without spawning the sed processes...

> MaCommande="find . ${Extension}"
> eval ${MaCommande}

...and you need quotes here too, i.e.,

eval "${MaCommande}"

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