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Re: Pb with bash script under cygwin


Thank you for all your suggestions.
I have finally managed to do what I wanted.

There was several reasons:
   1) the different -name options of find have to be enclosed in protected
bracket \( ... \)
   3) the need to use the eval function
   2) in a script, one need to protect the different special characters from
being interpreted before the final command. For exemple, I have to write
\\\( in order to obtain \(.

The problem, is that I don't really understand what happens, why I nedd to
put 3\ and not 2 or 4, but the main point is that it now works.

 my new script is :

TYPELIST="._bc ._ch ._cl ._cm ._df ._dl ._ev ._fl ._gr ._hl ._is ._mb ._mm
._mp ._ov ._pr ._sn ._sy ._ti ._tr ._sf"

Extension=$(echo ${TYPELIST} | sed -e"s:[ ][.]:' -delete \\\) -o \\\( -iname
'*.:g" | sed -e"s:^[.]:\\\( -iname '*.:" | sed -e"s:$:' -delete \\\):")

MaCommande="find . ${Extension}"

eval ${MaCommande}

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