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Re: ssh password-less cmds to Windows 2003 don't return any output

John McNulty wrote:
However I've just installed and configured Cygwin OpenSSH on a Windows 2003 server, and setup password-less logins (via public keys) as before. But when I try and issue a command via ssh from the client I get no command output back at all. The remote command just completes silently. The password-less login is working just fine.
Are you sure it works at all? Did you check /var/log/sshd.log on the W2K3 server for errors? It might be that the ssh isn't running the command at all rather it's aborting.
Does anyone else see this and have any idea why I'm getting this behavior?
I have similar problems with both ssh and rsh on W2K3.
I followed the instructions in ssh-host-config and opted to use the sshd_server account (which kind of caught me by surprise). Obviously this changes the way ssh works on Cygwin a little.
The change is necessary since W2K3 tightened up security and permissions on the Local System Account such that sshd would not be able to switch user if it used that account. Instead it offers to create a new account called sshd_server and bestow on it the required rights to switch user. (I've been wondering why not bestow those rights directly to the Local System Account? I mean it had them before... Obviously a security decision, probably a wise one).


Andrew DeFaria <>
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