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Re: find dir <expr1> -o <expr2> does not work

> Hi,
> I posted my request for help, but the client i used truncated the message.
> I post it again for your attention.

I've now seen substantially the same message content three times.

> By the way
> find common -type f -o -type l -print  does not works either.

It does what it was told, but is the same as
find common -type f -o \( -type l -print \)
and only prints symlinks.

> find common -type f -o -type l

Are you sure you don't have some alias in place, and that
you are picking up the right version of find?  The above
expression is the same as
find common \( -type f -o -type l \) -print
and works for me to print out all regular files and symlinks.

> find common -type f -o

That is a syntax error.  -o requires two arguments.  The fact
that you got directories listed instead of a syntax error makes
me suspect that you aren't invoking find properly.

What do 'type find' and 'echo find common -type f -o' print?

Also, following these directions:
> Problem reports:
and attaching the output of 'cygcheck -svr' would be helpful.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin findutils maintainer

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