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ssh password-less cmds to Windows 2003 don't return any output


I've been testing executing command via password-less SSH (public key)
logins from  MacOSX and OpenVMS clients to a Redhat EL AS 4 server,
and a WinXP Home system (with Cygwin's OpenSSH).  All works ok and I
can issue test commands like:

$ ssh administrator@host ipconfig

and see the output from ipconfig on the client.

However I've just installed and configured Cygwin OpenSSH on a Windows
2003 server, and setup password-less logins (via public keys) as
before. But when I try and issue a command via ssh from the client I
get no command output back at all.  The remote command just completes
silently.  The password-less login is working just fine.

Does anyone else see this and have any idea why I'm getting this behavior?

I followed the instructions in ssh-host-config and opted to use the
sshd_server account (which kind of caught me by surprise).  Obviously
this changes the way ssh works on Cygwin a little.

Ultimately the object of the exercise here is to drive a CLI app on Windows 2003 from batch jobs on OpenVMS. Cygwin OpenSSH is the only way I've been able to think of to solve this problem. The other clients and servers are only being used to test my methodology is correct, and it works flawlessly on WinXP Home.



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