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Broken install

Running setup.exe
I first did a "Download without installing"
I used my local Desktop as my local package directory
I used Direct connect for my connection type
I used as the Download sight
In the select packages list I clicked on the Default
for All and changed it to Install
(this should select all the packages for download)
It give me this error message
"Package: libguile16
    Required by: guile, guile-devel"
I don't plan on using guile but I shouldn't have
gotten this error
I then copyed all the files over to my linux machine
and copyied the setup.exe
into the
directory and using mkisofs put that on a cd.
then I tried installing from the cd
I put the cd into the windows machine
and ran setup.exe
and when it prompted for the type of install I
selected local install
then I selected C:\cygwin as the install directory and
D:\(my cdrom drive)
as the source directory then I selected all packages
near the end of the install I kept getting allot of
unresolved dependency dlls
and I never got asked for the icons and menu options.
It seems like a broken install. Something needs fixed.
It does the same thing from a internet install.
It does the same thing on a fresh machine as well.

Should I not select install all?
I should be able to without a broken install
Is there a better way to insure I get all the usefull
packages I want?

I could go through and pick and choose but the
majority of packages I want and I  have the space I
just wanted to install everything.

Is there a way to tell the installer from the
commandline which packages to install? I see the other
options but not that. There should be.

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