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Re: bash and CSRSS consuming 100% of CPU

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 12:57:54PM +0100, Dave Korn wrote:
>On 20 June 2006 02:11, Science Guy wrote:
>> I got cygwin working once again on my problem machine.  (Hooray!)
>> The problem was that the snapshot tar file, cygwin-inst-20060614.tar.bz2,
>> had cygwin1.dll in /usr/bin but failed to replace the old cygwin1.dll in
>> /bin.  I copied over the new cygwin1.dll into /bin, and things are working
>> nicely once again.
>  Yes, tar can't replace the cygwin dll, because tar relies on having the
>cygwin dll loaded in order to run!  You have to extract it separately and use
>a dos prompt to copy it across.  You obviously read the FAQ entry, because you
>knew to use the "--exclude=usr/bin/cygwin1.dll" option; read the bit just
>after that again.  I guess it's only implied rather than explicit, that you
>could have installed the dll first and the rest later; maybe we could make it

Dave, I think you missed this:

>sciguy wrote:
>>I am networked to a Linux machine, so I moved the tar file
>>cygwin-inst-20060614.tar.bz2 over to the Linux machine, created a dummy
>>cygwin directory to hold the file, and un-tarred it there using this
>>% /bin/tar -jxvf cygwin-inst-20060614.tar.bz2
>>Then I ftp'd the entire un-tarred file and directory structure over the
>>cygwin directory of the affected Windows PC.

This is why I kept mentioning that the snapshot cygwin DLL wasn't
installed in the right location.  I correctly assumed that this step did
not put the cygwin DLL (or any of the cygwin programs) in c:\cygwin\bin.
The cygcheck output made this pretty clear.


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