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RE: Thread-related segfault with cygwin 1.5.19-4

> What you are seeing:
> - does not represent an actual problem in the pthread library
> - is not an actual segfault
> - is a bug/misfeature in gdb that has been fixed in CVS
> - can be worked around just by typing "c" or "continue"
> - has been discussed in depth, at length, ad infinitum, over and over
> and over on this list numerous times in the past, so please read those
> threads.  Try a google search for: inurl:ml inurl:cygwin
> inurl:2006 gdb sigsegv
> Brian

I appreciate your response. This helps. It may not appear that I've done my
research, but as an open source developer (and project coordinator) for many
years, I understand the right way to seek help. I've been looking for days
via various google searches, and asking other developers for help. I
searched the cygwin mailing list archives, and checked the cygwin FAQ
("Known problems ..."). Even though this is not a real cygwin problem, if
this question gets asked so often, it might be worth adding a response in
the FAQ.



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