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Re: Unable to delete directory in Cygwin

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:
Eric Blake wrote:
That said, cygwin does try to emulate linux, and if someone were to
contribute a patch that would allow cygwin to emulate directory deletion
if it knows that all open handles have also been scheduled for unlinking
at process end, then

Not a patch, but for the record, it looks like Interix solves this problem ( Maybe Cygwin could do something similar?

(And in case that link dies; apparently Interix has a special 'temp' directory where "unlinked" files are sent until their handles are all closed.)

If you take a look at the cygwin sources, you'll see that Cygwin does something similar already. This does not solve the problem for those that want to unlink and immediately recreate the unlinked entry though...

I'm confused. As I read the post, if I create a file 'bar' in '/foo', open the file, and then 'rm -rf /foo', I can't do that. If Cygwin "magically redirects" 'bar' to some special place, wouldn't that
a: allow me to unlink '/foo'
b: allow me to then create a new (and different) '/foo/bar'?

I also do not see anywhere that the OP is even trying to do [b].

...Ruthlessly beating Windows with a hammer until it looks like POSIX.

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