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Re: bash and CSRSS consuming 100% of CPU

On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 01:43:37PM -0400, Charli Li wrote:
>- -----Original Message-----
>> From: cygwin-ownerXXXXXXXXXXX [mailto:cygwin-ownerXXXXXXX]On Behalf

PLEASE don't quote raw email addresses!
It is pointless to do so.

>> Of Christopher Faylor
>> Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 12:32 PM
>> Subject: Re: bash and CSRSS consuming 100% of CPU
>Science Guy then writes:
>>Hey, my message, which I had been trying to post since early Saturday
>>morning, finally made it through.  That was a struggle >...
>>To answer some issues that have come up since then, Linda Walsh asked
>>about "procexp" (Process Explorer).  Since I never heard of this
>>program, I assume I am not using it.

I don't see any reason to quote my solution to the problem and then
suggest another plan.

>I don't think that I have ever suggested this, but here goes.
>- ---
>In my case, I formerly used bash, but after I changed some things, I got
>Cygwin to work in the Z-Shell.  Note that it doesn't invoke sh, just like
>bash does.  Edit the part in cygwin.bat that reads:
>bash --login -i
>(That can also be bash -l -i)
>and change that to:
>zsh -l -i
>Cygwin will now start up in the Z-Shell with those modifications.
>- ---
>The reason for the Z-Shell, if Dave, cgf, or Corinna is asking, is because
>bash may be a little buggy.  The only problem that I know of (yours) is
>reported against bash (perhaps anybody would like to reference more bash
>problems???), and a problem has been reported against pdksh (ksh).  No
>problems that I know of have been reported against ash, tcsh, or zsh.

There is no indication that bash is the problem here.  The problem was
reported in other programs besides bash and the problem is fixed in the
latest snaphosts.

>And yes, please disable Symantec, as Dave said, since security
>suites/products are a pain in the neck for Cygwin!

The problem is that the OP is not using the snapshot.  zsh/bash has
nothing to do with the problem.


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