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Re: variable

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, prz wrote:

> I have cygwin running o win/xp
> whenever I execute a script that accepts options like :
> while getopts "d:a:s:u:" option; do
> case "$option" in
>    d)   DBNAME=$OPTARG
>         ;;
>    a)   OBJECT=$OPTARG
>         ;;
>         ;;
>    u)   USER=$OPTARG
>         ;;
>    *)  usage
> esac
> done
> the variable tempdba:/cygdrive/c/workdir:echo $OBJECT
> dt
> is maintained and if executing again with new option, this is not been taken
> and still using old value.  I tried to unset OBJECT.  when executing this
> statement in the script, the script and dos-window (running cygwin bash)
> will be closed.
> Is this correct ? and how to correct this problem

Please provide a simple complete testcase that exhibits the problem, read
and follow the Cygwin problem reporting guidelines at
<>, and at least tell us which shell you're

Until you do all three of the above, it's unlikely anyone will be able to
help you.
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