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Re: setup - duplicating cygwin

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Jim Easton wrote:

> Hi Igor
> > > 1) using windows read "installed.db" into "my documents"
> > > 2) the version numbers were already set to zero.
> >
> > Whup.  Stop right here.  When you say "the version numbers were already
> > set to zero", you don't mean those extra zeroes at the end of each line,
> > do you?  Because if you do, that field has nothing to do with version
> > numbers.  Setup extracts the version number from the name of the tarball
> > in the first field (notice, I said "replace them by '0.0-0'", not "replace
> > them by '0'").  If you actually edit the filenames in the first field of
> > installed.db and repeat what you've tried, it should work.
> Gaaah!!  Gee it's bright in here - now.  I feel pretty stupid.
> My excuse is I'm getting old and my brain is turning to mush.  :-)
> Thank you.
> Tell me; In case things go wrong, to recover my present configuration
> is it sufficient to simply restore /cygdrive/c/cygwin and
> /cygdrive/c/cygwin.disk or is there something more subtle going on.

If you didn't change the mounts, it should be sufficient to restore
c:\cygwin.  I don't know what c:\cygwin.disk is -- probably something
specific to your system that you've created.  If you did change the
mounts, the FAQ mentions a way of saving/restoring them by writing the
output of the "mount -m" command to a batch file and then running it.

> For example:
> If I cd into cygwin that has been made by setup I get:
> $ cd /cygdrive/c/cygwin
> $ ls
> Thumbs.db  cygdrive    cygwin.ico  home  proc  tmp  var
> bin        cygwin.bat  etc         lib   sbin  usr
> $
> Whereas the tarred/untarred version of cygwin is:
> $ cd /cygdrive/h/cygwin
> $ ls
> Thumbs.db  bin  cygwin.bat  cygwin.ico  etc  home  lib  sbin  tmp  usr  var
> $
> cygdrive and proc are missing.  I take it there is no proc or
> cygdrive directories.

They are virtual directories, as is /dev (but /dev doesn't show up in the
root directory listing yet).

> I also found I have to use tar for this, if you try to use windows it
> messes up pointers and, for all I know, other things.

You can also simply rename the directory (which will effectively hide it
from Cygwin), and then rename it back.
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