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Pb with bash script under cygwin

Hello there,

I have been working on a very simple script for 3 hours not been able to
understand what's wrong with it.
So If someone can help ...


The purpose is only to delete some files that exist in a lot of
My script looks like:

TYPE_FIC_UPPER="._BC ._CH ._CL ._CM ._DF ._DL ._EV ._FL ._GR ._HL ._IS ._MB
._MM ._MP ._OV ._PR ._SN ._SY ._TI ._TR"
TYPE_FIC_LOWER="._bc ._ch ._cl ._cm ._df ._dl ._ev ._fl ._gr ._hl ._is ._mb
._mm ._mp ._ov ._pr ._sn ._sy ._ti ._tr"

Extension=$(echo ${TYPELIST} | sed -e's:[ ][.]:" -o -name "*.:g' | sed
-e's:^[.]:-name ":' | sed -e's:$:":')
MaCommande="find . ${Extension} -exec rm {} \; -print"

echo -e " - lancement de la commande=\n[${MaCommande}]\n" # display OK !

$(${MaCommande}) # ne fonctionne pas !
find . ${Extension} -exec rm {} \; -print # ne fonctionne pas non plus !
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