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RE: Cygwin - diff command does not provide output

On 19 June 2006 12:09, astro wrote:

> As you suggested, First me too thought that it might be due to -q option in
> effect.
> So I tried -n, -y options. But still I am getting the same message as "Files
> x.txt y.txt differ".

  OK, next thing is maybe it reckons your files are binary for some reason.
Try adding the -a (--text) option to your command line.

> And I tried ur other suggestions alias & Set.. Here also I could not find
> any entries like diff.

  To make absolutely sure, enter "bash -x" at a command shell, then try the
diff command again: you'll bash print out the fully-expanded version of your
command before it executes it, so if any functions or aliases are making the
problem, they'll show up there.

> Is there any way, I can check if all the files related to diff command are
> available & if so Which are the directories I should check?

cygcheck -c diffutils
cygcheck -l diffutils

[ Read the output of "cygcheck --help" for more info. ]

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