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RE: Cygwin - diff command does not provide output

On 19 June 2006 11:21, astro wrote:

> I tried to compare the files in two different directories and directed the
> output into another directory.
> I could achieve this by writing a serious commands. But when I did that I
> gave the file name for the diff output as difffile1,difffile2 etc.,
> But after some time "diff" command does not work correctly.
> If I type diff x.txt y.txt
> I simply get the result as "Files x y differ". But I am not getting the
> output of what exactly differ as I was getting before.
> I think I have changed something.But I do not know what exactly I have
> changed.

  When you see those messages "Files x y differ", that means you have given
the -q option to diff.  Have you perhaps set an alias so that 'diff' now
equals 'diff -q' in your shell and forgotten about it?  The 'alias' command
will show you any aliases currently in effect.  You might also want to check
the output of the 'set' command in case you've defined 'diff' as a shell

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