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RE: setup - duplicating cygwin

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006, Jim Easton wrote:

> Hi,
> Tue, 16 May 2006 I wrote:
> > Would someone please tell me what file(s) I would have to take with
> > me (eg. on a disk) to someone else's machine, both running windows XP,
> > whereby I could get setup to download the same cygwin components that
> > are on my machine?
> Wed, 17 May 2006 I wrote:
> > I should clarify.  I have no problem with loading new versions of
> > things, what I was after was a way of priming setup with the list of
> > names at the "Select packages" step.
> Wed, 17 May Igor Peshansky wrote:
> > Jim, in that case you're looking for /etc/setup/installed.db with all
> > version numbers replaced by "0.0-0".  Just place it into
> > c:\cygwin\etc\setup on the target machine, and run setup normally,
> > clicking "Next" all the way through.
> I said I would report how it worked out so here goes.
> Maybe I did it wrong:  :-(
> 1) using windows read "installed.db" into "my documents"
> 2) the version numbers were already set to zero.

Whup.  Stop right here.  When you say "the version numbers were already
set to zero", you don't mean those extra zeroes at the end of each line,
do you?  Because if you do, that field has nothing to do with version
numbers.  Setup extracts the version number from the name of the tarball
in the first field (notice, I said "replace them by '0.0-0'", not "replace
them by '0'").  If you actually edit the filenames in the first field of
installed.db and repeat what you've tried, it should work.

> 3) using windows I removed /c/cygwin and /c/cygwin.disk
> 4) using windows created /c/cygwin/etc/setup/installed.db
> 5) ran setup (the latest one)
> It installed only 54 Mb whereas the original was 362 Mb. (based 1024)
> Clearly something went wrong.

Yes -- it was confused about what it had already installed.

> What's the secret to getting the clipboard working between windoze
> and cygwin.  I am using the -clipboard option in xinit, viz.
> xinit -- /usr/X11R6/bin/X -clipboard +kb -ar1 200 -ar2 10  &

This is a question better asked in a separate thread on the cygwin-xfree
list (but only if you mean "Cygwin/X" when you say "cygwin" above).
P.S. For learning what setup does, the source is your best guide.
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