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Re: sed: 4.1.5 breaks libtool generation

Just sending the OPs reply so that it is in the mailing list archive.

Mark Hessling wrote:
Mark Hessling wrote:
Actually, what you describe is clear enough, but since CRLF handling
isn't done by the Linux version of sed either, you would have the same
problem on Linux.  The question here is how did this file get created
with CRLF in the first place?

I have several cross-platform projects managed in a CVS repository. Several of them are built with different Win32 compilers on the same Windows XP machine. So my direcory tree looks something like:


Given the fact that cygwin runs on a machine where the native linend is CRLF, having a major component not recognise CRLF as a linend when handling text files is, AFAIAC, a major problem.

Given that you know all the files in this tree are CRLF terminated, is it appropriate to mount this directory in text mode?

Does the configure work if this is done?

Yes it does. Thanks. I wasn't aware of mount features; I've just been using the default mounts; d: -> /cygdrive/d, etc. which are in binary mode.

Cheers, Mark.

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