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Re: Installed Applications?

> On Sat, 17 Jun 2006, Richard Foulk wrote:
> > Aloha,
> >
> > I'm looking for a good way to determine the software packages installed
> > on a machine.
> >
> > We're hoping to do this remotely on a network of clients by mounting a
> > client's drive and rummaging around.
> >
> > Is there an easy/reliable way to do this with Cygwin?
> If you've set up sshd on the remote machine, 'ssh MACHINE "cygcheck -cd"'
> ought to do it.  Otherwise, looking at the drive is probably not going to
> get you anything reliably (in a way that's guaranteed to always work).
> For a non-portable hack using the current settings, look at the source of
> the Cygwin setup program.
> Incidentally, most software leaves traces in the registry, at well-known
> keys, so the easiest way to check for it is look in the registry (as it
> may actually be installed anywhere).  The same is the case with Cygwin
> (look for "HK(LM|CU)/Software/Cygnus Solutions/Cygwin" -- even though the
> mount information might be moved out at some point, the key itself will
> probably stay around).  Though how you intend to browse the registry on a
> mounted drive is not very clear.
> HTH,
> 	Igor
> -- 

Thanks very much for the response.

This is a large network of clients.  We're hoping not to have to install
more software on all the clients to monitor them.

Cygwin is a tool on our administrative machines.  (Which is serving us
well in this capacity so far.)


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