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Re: sed: 4.1.5 breaks libtool generation

I've just found the above titled thread; the problem I am also encountering.

>Actually, what you describe is clear enough, but since CRLF handling
>isn't done by the Linux version of sed either, you would have the same
>problem on Linux.  The question here is how did this file get created
>with CRLF in the first place?

In my case, which I wouldn't think is not that unusual is as follows.

I have several cross-platform projects managed in a CVS repository.  Several of them are built with different Win32 compilers on the same Windows XP machine.
So my direcory tree looks something like:


The indents are to represent subdirectories. ie projects/Regina/vc, projects/Regina/cygwin, etc.
All the source is in projects/Regina in DOS CRLF format; that's the way CVS retrieves it from the repository.
To build Regina with cygwin, I "cd projects/Regina/cygwin" and run "../configure".
With sed 4.1.5, config.h and other files that are generated by the configure script are not updated properly, due to the fact that CRLF does not terminate the lines in the respective input files. So each time I build Regina under cygwin, I have to convert each of the *.in files to LF linends. Then I have to remember to convert them back to CRLF in case I change them and check them back into CVS.

With sed 4.1.4 CRLF as an end of line was recognised correctly.

Given the fact that cygwin runs on a machine where the native linend is CRLF, having a major component not recognise CRLF as a linend when handling text files is, AFAIAC, a major problem.

Cheers, Mark 
Mark Hessling
Author of THE, Rexx/SQL, Rexx/cURL, Rexx/DW, Rexx/curses, etc..
Project Manager of ooRexx
Maintainer of Regina
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