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Re: GPL Alert: Super

On Thursday 15 June 2006 13:09, Michael Schaap wrote:
> It's a GUI around a bunch of command-line video file editing tools.
> Installs both cygwin1.dll and cygz.dll in the System32 folder.  Can't
> find any mention of source code on the web site.
> (I won't even mention that it distributes these open source command-line
> tools without any source code as well.  Oops... looks like I just did.)
>   - Michael
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As far as I can tell, it's merely a frontend, which spawns (sub)processes.
GPL boundaries are at fork()ing and exec()ing stuff, so as long as this 
frontent just exec() GPL software without any linking against GPL 
software/lib, it can be any license. He doesn't have to provide source code 
for distributed binaries either, but just point out that it's free software, 
and if ever asked for source code, point at a place to get it.

IANALATEIHSMBSI (which I can pronounce now).


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