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Re: GDB Ctrl-C Interrupt Fails WORKAROUND

On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 12:17:09PM -0700, Kyle McKay wrote:
>On 15 Jun 2006 13:57:14 -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>On Cygwin, gdb is the debugger for programs produced by gcc.  You are
>>not going to be able to read many (any?) symbols for programs produced
>>by other compilers so there really isn't much of a reason to use gdb
>>to debug non-gcc-produced programs.
>Apparently you did not see my previous comments about this:

No.  I didn't.  Same observation applies, though.

>>On 15 Jun 2006 10:38:57 -0700, Kyle McKay wrote:
>>>Now if you have such a program compiled with the m$ compiler for  
>>>which you do not have the source and such a program is loading a  
>>>DLL plugin built with cygwin that you're trying to debug then CTRL- 
>>>C WILL NEVER WORK no matter how many console windows you get out.
>DLLs built with gcc cannot be interrupted with CTRL-C when they are  
>loaded by programs built with other compilers.
>>In any event, at least we're getting details now beyond the "CTRL-C
>>doesn't work with gdb".
>Or these comments about using a console window:
>>On 15 Jun 2006 10:38:57 -0700, Kyle McKay wrote:
>>>It is also a non-solution for ssh users and remote X users.

I mentioned ptys and ttys in my very first response.

>CTRL-C also appears to be used by the X windows ddd break button.   
>Doesn't work there either.

So, submit a ddd bug report.

>However, in all these cases the debugbreak (debugbreak.c) utility can  
>provide a usable, if awkward, workaround.

The keyword being "awkward".  There is nothing to stop an interested person
from modifying gdb to do the right thing.

>For example, build the loopdll.dll and runloop.exe from the following  
>sources using the gcc and m$ compilers as indicated:

Isn't the m'$' compiler you're using actually free?  If so, the dollar
sign appears to be misplaced.

In any event, we seem to be looping:

On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 01:57:14PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>It is also possible that CTRL-C will not interrupt programs which are
>compiled for -mwin32.  I haven't tried that for a while.  That may
>be what you're seeing when you use the Microsoft Visual C compiler.

>/* BEGIN loopdll.c */
>/* Compile with cygwin gcc -o loopdll.dll -g -mno-cygwin -mthreads - mdll loopdll.c */
>/* Compile with m$ cl -o runloop.exe runloop.c */

You sure love that 'm$' don't you?


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