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Re: Unable to delete directory in Cygwin

* Gina Verlekar (2006-06-15 10:53 +0000)
> I have implemented some changes in the linker code for some intermediate
> processing. 
> For that I need to create a temporary directory, generate some
> intermediate 
> files in it, process those files by calling a function. After processing
> of the	
> intermediate files, I delete the intermediate files and the temporary
> directory.	
> While this logic works fine in the linux, the temporary directory does
> not get	
> deleted in cygwin.
> [...]
> After debugging using gdb, I found that in cygwin, the intermediate
> files still 
> had some handlers open for it inspite of reaching till the end of the
> main() 
> function in linker. Due to this, the temporary files get deleted only
> after 
> exiting from the main. Hence as the temporary drectory is not empty till
> then,
> it cannot get deleted.
> This behaviour is not seen in linux. Care has been taken in the code for
> correct
> opening and closing of the intermediate files.
> Is this a known behavior in cygwin? Any inputs will be appreciated. 

mkdir test && cd test && rmdir ../test
does work in Linux but not under Windows and therefor not under

Cygwin can't break Windows rules. Under Linux you can name a file c:,
under Windows and under Cygwin not.

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